Having a baby can be a really big thrill especially for first time parents, but there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Pregnancy is a shaky experience for some and an awesome one for others. For soon-to-be mothers, you have to be prepared to deal with some discomfort, and this may include back pain during pregnancy.

The first thing that you need to know is that back painis perfectly normal for pregnant women. These are the reasons why:

Posture changes – As the belly expands and gains weight, the woman’s posture naturally changes. It tends to put some pressure on the back, specifically the lower areas.

Changes in the gravity center – This can be very evident in the latter part of the pregnancy. As the baby grows inside the womb, it gains size and weight. This causes the gravity center to shift to the belly. To accommodate such, the lower back needs to adjust and bear the weight. This can cause frequent back pain during pregnancy.

Mobility adjustments – Having that additional baggage makes it hard for pregnant women to move. They would need to exert extra efforts when taking the stairs, walking to and from the kitchen, and even an activity as easy as standing.

Now that you know the causes of back pain during pregnancy, the next thing that you need to know about is the ways on how to ease them. Here it goes:

Chiropractic treatments – Chiropractic treatments are known for treating physical injuries and disorders. If you are worried that this may affect your pregnancy, you are mistaken. On the contrary, Chiropractic treatments may even help you improve the condition of your pregnancy. It helps re-align the spine in its proper position by gently (at least for pregnant women) applying manual manipulation of the bones, joints and muscles.

Treatments may include spinal decompression procedures, therapeutic treatments, etc. all of which are safe and can be availed of at any stage of the pregnancy.

Pain relievers – This cure is temporary, but this will have to do in mild cases. Just make sure that you get a prescription for every medicine intake to make sure that it’s completely safe for you and for the baby.

Weight management and proper nutrition– Try to manage your weight so it does not become an additional burden. Do some mild exercises and eat healthy foods rich in Calcium to strengthen and improve bone density.