People often refer to teeth as “pearly whites”. Sometimes, however, our teeth may look quite “pearly” but not as white. There are many different things that cause our teeth to become yellow, and the most common causes are the foods that we eat. Certain food items, especially drinks, stain teeth. But it’s also good to know that there are many kinds of foods that help in making our teeth whiter, which means that we don’t have to immediately resort to bleaching.

Munch on Fruits and Veggies Fruits and vegetables aren’t just healthy foods, but these are also great for the teeth as well. When you munch on crunchy veggies, like carrots, cucumber or celery, or snack on apples or berries, you stimulate the mouth to increase saliva production. Saliva aids in neutralizing acidic foods, which stain teeth and make the enamel weaker. Also, since these foods are crispy, these sort of scrape teeth when you bite into them. So, raw fruits and veggies somewhat polish teeth by way of mild abrasion. Some food items, such as strawberry, can be combined with a bit of baking soda. The mixture can be wiped onto teeth and then rinsed away.

Although eating fruits and veggies is really a healthy way to live, watch out for things that can stain your teeth. For example, blueberries or beet can discolor teeth, which is why you have to brush them immediately after eating. If you don’t have access to your trusty toothbrush, gargle with water.

Use Acidic Juices and Solutions

Some acidic things can help to whiten teeth. However, extreme care must be exercised because acidic juices can make the teeth’s enamel thinner and weaker. Once the enamel is damaged, it’ll be much easier for bacteria to attack teeth and cause cavities. Also, using acidic solutions excessively can make teeth really sensitive. But if you still want to try using slightly acidic fruits to make your teeth whiter, you can go for oranges and lemons. You can extract lemon juice, mix this with some baking soda, and apply to teeth. Don’t forget to rinse. As for oranges, the peel can be used for buffing teeth. Make sure to use the white inner surface. Another option is apple cider vinegar, which you can use like you would a mouth wash.

Get Some Dairy

Dairy products, like milk, yogurt and cheese, increase your body’s calcium stores. Calcium isn’t only beneficial to your bones; it also makes teeth stronger. Stronger teeth are more resilient to cavities, as well as staining. Other foods that are rich in calcium will also do you and your teeth a great deal of good. So, have some seeds, like flax and sesame seeds, and some nuts, like almonds and Brazil nuts. Many varieties of leafy veggies, like kale, collards and dandelion greens, have high levels of calcium too.

Have Some Shiitake Too

Shiitake mushrooms contain lentinan, which is a type of polysaccharide that fights off cancer-causing elements, and helps in whitening teeth too. How? Lentinan aids in reducing bacteria in the mouth. The healthier your mouth, the stronger and whiter your teeth will be.