When attempting to improve Age Related Infertility, the “whole” picture is the best picture to consider as you try to undertake the business of nurturing your body and reproductive capabilities in the direction of creating new life. Considering all aspects of one’s health and using natural methods that work within the design of the body will effectively promote fertility. Incorporating natural methods on a daily basis into one’s lifestyle will slowly but surely coax the body into a better reproductive pattern, even if you are of a more mature age. Then hopefully, before too long, you’ll find yourself looking at a positive pregnancy test. One such way to increase your odds of successful conception at a more mature age, is by using natural methods with which to increase your circulation. You can get some of the best remedies for fertility, as well as potency here.

Dr. Randine Lewis in her book called The Infertility Cure makes mention of this aspect of our fertility. What role does circulation play in reproduction? Well, if proper circulation is lacking throughout the entire system, say maybe from the beginnings of heart disease starting to rear its ugly head, or other health conditions arising as a result of aging, it will only follow that the reproductive organs will have compromised blood flow as well. This is something that does contribute to Age Related Infertility because good blood flow is vitally important to the reproductive system. Without it, the nutrients needed by the reproductive organs will not be taken up by them and as a result the ovaries and eggs within them, as well as the health of the uterus, tubes, and cervix will be compromised. When trying to conceive at a more mature age this will be a huge hindrance. There are some great natural ways to improve circulation throughout the entire body as well as the reproductive system, below are some suggestions.

Ask the Doctor to order a Lipid Panel. The reason for this is if you find any of your numbers either over the suggested limit or on the high side, and you’re trying to conceive a child, you will need to work at getting these numbers within the normal range. If these numbers surpass the normal range, your circulatory system as well as the blood flow to your reproductive organs will become compromised. You don’t want this if your trying to conceive.

If you do find that you have numbers out of the normal range, you can improve them with diet, exercise, as well as some supplementation that will include Homocysteine Regulators, or digestive enzymes to improve digestive capability for better fat , carbohydrate and nutrient absorption so that less of it ends up recirculating in places where it shouldn’t be, like your circulatory system, due to poor digestion.

Exercise. This is huge for better circulation throughout the entire system. Aerobic exercise is always a great option for circulation improvement. Just try to find something that you’ll like so you’re better able to stick with it. Things like yoga or other types of similar exercises are geared for increasing blood flow throughout the system and can be very helpful in increasing circulation. Some of the yoga positions are great for getting blood flow into and around the pelvic region, which is what you’re trying to accomplish.

Inversion. Whether your doing hand stands or tripods to increase blood flow to the pelvis or maybe using an inversion device of some sort, this is yet another good way to get the blood into the pelvic region to nourish and feed the eggs and reproductive organs.

Femoral Artery Press. This technique is a very concise way of directing the pelvic blood flow to the reproductive organs. To find your femoral artery, sit back on a couch or chair, in a kind of sliding down position so that you are half sitting and half lying down. Once in this position, try to palpate your femoral pulse located in your groin area. Once found, exert pressure on it for 30-45 seconds, then release. You will feel the blood flow returning to your lower extremities after you release if you’ve pressed in the correct spot. Do this 6 times daily. I usually do a set of 3 on each side in the a.m. and then another set of 3 on each side in the p.m.

If your at a more mature age implementing these suggestions into your lifestyle will be very helpful in coaxing your body along in becoming pregnant. It’s another few things to fit into your day, but I know it will have been a small sacrifice to have paid if it brings you closer to the baby that you so desire.