When you get sick or when you need medical attention, you immediately turn to your physicians. You trust them with your very lives, and you have utmost confidence that they will be able to treat your ailments. Since doctors have studied, trained, and continue to study and train in their respective fields, you believe that they know everything and that they can easily heal diseases. But doctors are also just mortals. They are also just people who aren’t perfect. So, physicians could, and many actually do, make mistakes. But the thing here is that when a doctor does something incorrectly, the results are often quite devastating. If you do become a victim of a hospital or doctor error, you should get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer.

Surgeons are actually great hospital heroes. They can cut patients open and fix things inside them. Then, they just sew them up to recover. Most of the time, procedures go well, with patients fully recovering from typical surgical procedures. However, surgeons also make mistakes; and one of the biggest mistakes a surgeon could do is leaving souvenirs inside you. If you think that jokes about forceps or gauze pads being left inside a surgery patient are not true, think again. Many patients have actually sued doctors for leaving small instruments inside their bodies. There are even some doctors who overlook 13-inch retractors in patients. It must be all that blood, right? Hospitals want to avoid these mishaps, which is why they have scrub nurses counting everything that’s being used in surgery, from small gauze pads to huge medical instruments.

Amputating Wrong Body Part

You might have heard of hospital horror stories wherein doctors amputate or cut the wrong body parts. Seems like urban legends, huh? Well, not exactly. These things actually happen. For instance, there are true tales about diabetic patients coming in the hospital to have their infected legs cut to prevent gangrene. But they come out of the OR with their infected legs still on and their good legs gone. Horrific.

Not Using Enough Anesthesia

If you are into psycho-horror movies, then, surely, you must’ve seen movies where people being operated on by crazy psychotic killers wake up in the middle of being cut open because little to no anesthesia was used. Such a cringe-worthy scene couldn’t really happen in a modern hospital, right? Well, it actually could. This is what’s known as “anesthesia awareness”, wherein a patient wakes up in the middle of a procedure, but is unable to move, much less cry out. Who’s to blame? The person most likely to be blamed here is the anesthesiologist. But everyone in the surgical team must also take proper care of their patients. Also, it could really help if they have apt monitoring devices, like the bispectral index, in order for them to gauge a patient’s level of consciousness.

Operating on Wrong Patient

This is so petrifying in so many levels. Imagine yourself being admitted for, say, a somewhat serious case of food poisoning; and then you leave the hospital with a new heart. What?! Seems so far-fetched – but it could happen. There have been cases wherein patients have undergone open heart surgery or other invasive procedures even though they did not need these. Why? Because the doctor or the medical team was negligent, that’s why. So, in case you are in a hospital for some minor case, make sure that you get to know the nurses in your floor. Also, always ask questions about things that are being done to you. They may find you irksome, but you’re only looking out for your welfare.